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Quality : Practices
Quality practices, At Aarju foods, quality means everything to us. We promote quality action in all our activities as well as thoughts. Since the inception, we have been quality sensitive.

We train people to perform with quality in mind. They are habituated to do quality work, may it be Packing or just Raw Material unloading.

The processes are all very stringently controlled. The inputs and quantities in Dough making, Slab Extrusion and most of all the many heating and speed parameters of the Fully Automatic Papad Machine are all set to accuracy and controlled while production is underway.

The products are the result of all our efforts within the plant and out side in the market. We strive to dispatch only the best products. We have a very stringent Post Production Quality control where every piece is checked before packing. The packaging themselves are checked and rechecked before dispatch. The idea is to minimize in market rejections and complaints.

After sales, we provide all the assistance to our retailers. We have a strong replacement policy where the Company bears for replacement, there by empowering the retailer to sell without doubt.