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About Us
Areez is a Brand of high quality food products from India. Located at Rajkot, the company plans to distribute foods all across India. Presently is has its network spread in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi and parts of Uttar Pradesh.

Aarju Foods, the company that owns the brand and the manufacturing plant is run by Shree Rajesh Mori, along with his wife Smt. Anjna . The Industry thus is Family run where Shri Rajesh Mori looks after Marketing, Production & Financial while product development as well as Administration is handled by Smt. Anjna.

In a period of 3-6 months of their operations, they have launched 7-8 products’ range of Papad. The company will be launching Cholafali, Mathiya and Khakhra in India within a short time.

Presently the company is manufacturing high quality Papad that are delightful and crunchy. A clear mix of excellent taste and crunch that are manufactured in highly hygienic environment, the Areez Papad will be the most demanded Papad in India

Why Areez Papad


Manufactured in Highly Hygeinic environment.
We use the best raw material and in proper proportion.
The Mari that we use for our Papad is bought whole and equally separated into four parts before using in Dough, as compared to Mari Powder.
The oil used in our Papad is just 5 % of what a home made Papad needs, making Areez papad the most Heart Friendly.
Areez Papad will last longer than any other, as they come is a special ZIP LOCK bag which is Unique to AREEZ only. So the life of papad is great when it is Areez.
They will remain crunchy for long period of time.
We have variety of Tasty flavors to meet your various moods and needs.
Our manpower is well trained and experienced. They are quality sensitive, making sure you get the best and only the best.
The extrusion technology for dough is very effective in papad making machine.
Our Papad Making Machine is Automatic and uses high technology, so you can have the best papad in India.
Our Flour Making Machine is designed and developed in house making it another unique feature of a pulverize. We get the flour Parameters that we need to churn out long lasting Crunchy papads for you.
Our packing bags are manufactured to have Rodent Repellent ingredients on the outer side to minimize Rodent attacks. The inside of the bag though is as safe as a mother’s womb. You can store our papad and rest assured.
The packing bags are made of food and safety grade material to ensure good eatable papad.
We have kept our prices affordable and provide wide range of packing from Family Packs to Institutional Packs.
Hotels and Restaurant love our BIG PAPAD PACKS. They are proud to offer healthy, crunchy delightful Areez Papad to their respected guests.
Areez Papad will be available at a store near you as our network is spreading fast and effectively.
We are sure once you eat Areez Papad, you will not prefer any other Papad.
Papad :

Papad is the most beloved add on any food in India. People of all communities and every state eat Papad Regularly with their foods. May it be Lunch or Dinner or a snack like Paun Bhaji, we Indians prefer Papad with them. It is the most beloved Indian Ethnic food across the world.

Areez Papad are manufactured to meet your need for delightful add on with any food.